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Horror Tease: Saudi Arabian female filmmaker Gigi Hozimah’s ‘They Sleep With Bears’


Set to start filming in New York this November is the indie psychological horror from Saudi filmmaker Gigi Hozimah. THEY SLEEP WITH BEARS looks to tell the story of one man searching for his father while being plagued by demons. This is the debut feature from Gigi and is being described as a homage to the great trilogy of films from Roman Polanski. As co founder of Look At The Wall Productions Hozimah left Saudi Arabia at the age of 17 studying at the Kingston University where she made several short films. We are delighted to display her feature debut so read on for more about the film and look for updates once they start filming including a crowdfunding campaign starting in September.  

They Sleep With Bears is a psychological horror film influenced by Roman Polanski’s Apartment Trilogy (Repulsion, Rosemary’s Baby, The Tenant) with a hint of Bergman’s Hour of the Wolf and Jack Clayton’s The Innocents.

Synopsis – Remy must find his father, a man that he hasn’t seen in over 20 years. Plagued by demons, Remy is a single father living in New York with his son and his beautiful girlfriend. His father is the only person able to tell him why he is so troubled.

Director’s Statement: Gigi Hozimah

Director – Gigi Hozimah

Director – Gigi Hozimah

As this is my first feature film, I am very excited to be at the preproduction stage of the psychological horror film They Sleep With Bears. I am very inspired by the works of Roman Polanski. The Apartment Trilogy (Repulsion, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Tenant) are some of my favorite films and their influences can be seen in the script.


They Sleep With Bears is about Remy who will be played by Brian McCollum. Remy is a single father that is living a haunted sleepless life. Suffering from severe sleep paralysis, he has been told that his father suffered from the same problem and found a solution, so Remy is searching for his father. Beneath the horror, there is mystery. I’m a big fan of Harry Whittington, so it’s very normal for me to bring a mystery element to the story.


They Sleep With Bears is not the beginning of my journey, but it is the first step in what I hope to be an established filmmaking career. I feel that cinema has changed so much in the last 30 years and not necessarily for the best. I want to make this film, because I want to bring back what I love about cinema to this film. I also hope that I can bring a different flavor to the recently born Saudi cinema.


Writing the horror has been a sweaty process. We didn’t want to have any jump scares, shaky cam, or waiting periods of nothingness, so without these typical horror tropes, we have to fall back on the story. The audience needs to identify with Remy, so that what he experiences, they experience. It makes the difference between being creeped out to feeling the hairs on your arms raised. I didn’t want people to jump, scream, and laugh. I want the cinema to be silent. I want this film to be alive.


The films stars Brian McCollum and Molly Elizabeth Parker. For more information visit :

Website: www.theysleepwithbears.com

Website: http://www.lookatthewall.com

Twitter: @sleepwithbears

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/theysleepwithbears


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